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YA-MAN was founded in 1978
as a
precision equipment maker
with cutting-edge technology.

Driven by a spirit of invention,
we expanded into the realm
of beauty
and have spread positive
beauty solutions ever since.

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Chapter 1


YA-MAN started as a company that developed and sold semiconductor inspection equipment and other devices.
We developed an optical displacement meter and applied that technology to accurately measure the full curvature of the Seto Ohashi Bridge.
YA-MAN was good at measuring things too big to measure directly by using algorithms it created based on existing data.

We wondered if our measuring technology could be applied to the human body. In the early 1980s, our development staff member came across a US university paper claiming that “When a slight electric current is applied to the human body, the amount of fat can be measured from the state of its electrical resistance”. The staff member then began developing a body fat scale by applying the formula from the paper. The only way to calculate body fat at that time was by a burdensome method of comparing the difference in body weight measured in and out of water (the body density method).

Capsule-type device for the 'body density method' of measuring body fat.

Our R&D team found a method of measuring body fat by attaching a terminal to each limb. However, they had to verify the method.
So they used a capsule-type device that could easily conduct the 'body density method'. After obtaining data from over 1,000 people, we verified that the calculation formula was correct.

Japan's first* MICHIGAN body fat scale measures fat by attaching a terminal to each limb

In 1985, YA-MAN used its algorithm to develop Japan's first MICHIGAN body fat scale* that measures fat by attaching a terminal to each limb.
Adopted at sports gyms and clinics, it transformed the concept of body fat measurement and inspired development of the body fat meters commonly seen today.

* Using the impedance method

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Chapter 2


LASER 21, a professional hair removal device

From its founding, YA-MAN established a firm footing in the U.S., which was already a leading country in cosmetics at that time.
We imported high-frequency hair removal equipment from the U.S. to Japan and sold it to esthetic salons and other customers.

Lymph Impedance II,
a smaller EMS Device

YA-MAN has enthusiastically miniaturized professional equipment for home use.
Now unwanted hairs can be removed at home without going to salons.
We also miniaturized EMS equipment so EMS skin care that could only be performed at salons can also be done at home.

Rei Beauté Hyper ZERO

YA-MAN continues to further miniaturize beauty devices.
Rei Beauté Hyper ZERO, launched in April 2023, was redesigned from scratch to dramatically reduce its size and weight.

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Chapter 3


MediLift Series

Some beauty equipment is purchased but never used at all. YA-MAN is committed to providing beauty devices that are easy to incorporate into daily routines.
For example, MediLift is a hands-free wearable EMS device that changes the concept of facial equipment. We started by reassessing the materials that touch the skin. MediLift has become a new beauty option.


HOT SHAVE electric shaver warms the beard and skin while shaving. This new 'ON-ZORI' beauty concept incorporates skin care into the daily shaving routine. It's a revolutionary product that replaces shaving habits that tend to damage men's sensitive skin with new habits that promote beautiful skin.


Even makeup is now touchless. While pondering beauty and gentleness to the skin, we came up with an alternative to applying makeup. MINERALair lets you spray foundation on your face. It's a completely new makeup experience.

Lift Dryer

Can new beauty habits be incorporated into busy people's daily routines? Lift Dryer combines various technologies to provide face and scalp care during hair drying for more beauty every day.
Your daily blow-dry routine will become beauty care time.

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Chapter 4



Through many years of research and development, we found that there are optimal waveforms for each ingredient in skin care products. HAKEI, the culmination of our waveform design technology, is the first facial device in Japan to output optimal waveforms for ingredients and their compositions in skincare products*.

*Source: April 2023 Japan Marketing Research Organization survey verifying HAKEI's “first in Japan” status

Establishment of YA-MAN Scholarship Foundation

YA-MAN Scholarship Foundation was established in 2021 as a private foundation that nurtures female engineers. The foundation was recognized as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in February 1, 2023. It will strive to increase the number of female engineers who can develop new technologies that change society.

Joint research with the University of Tokyo graduate school

We started joint research with the Department of Dermatology in the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Tokyo.
Through this research, we will further clarify how the electrical energy in beauty technology reverses aging, and verify its efficacy and safety.


Promoting collaborative medical research on Asian skin in Hangzhou, China.
We will continue to enhance product quality, safety control standards and the distribution of accurate information. Through collaborative medical research, we aim to become a driving force for healthy market formation.

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HYOJO Science Lab, our facial muscle laboratory, was established as a R&D base for the science of beauty. There, we combine our leading-edge technology with solidly proven science to study beauty from unique perspectives.
We optimize the four basic energies of beauty devices (heat, light, electricity and ultrasound waves) and research the face and facial expressions to verify results. By repeatedly making adjustments and verifying results without delay, we develop devices with a high level of efficacy.



The world wasn't ready yet for these visionary products

*Tap the products to see their successors.

LED Pore Sonic Brush

LED Pore Sonic Brush

Launched in 2004

A brush vibrates 90 times per second to open pores and remove debris such as sebum from the scalp. An LED light also helps the customer's tonic or hair growth products to penetrate the stratum corneum, as supported by our joint research with a university.
At the time of its launch, LED products were just beginning to appear in home lighting and the use of LED light for beauty was a novel concept. However, we continued our research.

Discovered a potential of
green light from

‘LED Pore Sonic Brush’

Blue Green Shot

Launched in July 2023

This beauty device enhances facial transparency when regularly used with cosmetics by emitting green LED light and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) simultaneously. LED light penetrates different layers of stratum corneum depending on the wavelength, and YA-MAN found through research that green LED light (505nm) enhances skin brightness. This discovery led to a new generation of light beauty equipment.

Space Slim

Space Slim

Launched in 2006

This highly functional EMS device measures bone mass, body water content, muscle mass, body fat and daily metabolic calories. It also wirelessly transmits tailored exercise programs to a training pad based on your measurement results. It was launched far ahead of its time, before the concept of personalization is spread, based on algorithm generation technology YA-MAN honed since its inception.

Mastering the advanced algorithm
generation technology of

‘Space Slim’


Launched in June 2023

This AI facial beauty device uses a proprietary algorithm to produce waveforms that penetrate* your particular skincare cosmetics and bring out their benefits. It supports over 20,000 cosmetics products via dedicated app. Such personalization required many years of accumulated algorithm-generation and waveform-design technology.

* through the stratum corneum

Dancing EMS

Dancing EMS

Launched in 2013

This device lets you enjoy EMS care while listening to music: a fun solution to keep you exercising without getting bored. It also changes the EMS waveform in rhythm with the music.
Dancing EMS uses Bluetooth® to transfer music from a music player and was launched when Bluetooth® was just starting to become popular. We developed it based on an evidence that training while listening to music increases exercise effectiveness.

Creating new value by
combining with

‘Dancing EMS’


Launched in June 2022

This shaver warms your skin and beard with RF (radio frequencies) to provide a close shave without a damage, ‘ON-ZORI’. The concept and technology transform shaving by pampering your skin instead of irritating it.