YA-MAN's Theory of Evolution YA-MAN's Continuous Dramatic Advancements
in Home-care Beauty Devices
Proves Nothing Compares to Our Innovation

Transforming professional device into home-care use requires

sophisticated technology to develop compact, yet high-performance multi-functional devices.

We always break the norm at incredible speed,
only possible with our passionately innovative spirit and outstanding R&D.

1978YA-MAN Limited is established
Company is founded as a manufacture of precision electronic instruments.
Company develops an optical displacement meter which brings an innovation to its measuring instrument technology to create a non-contact device. The equipment is used to measure the curvature of the Great Seto Ohashi Bridge.
Over four decades of depilator expertise
  • 1979 : YA-MAN introduces needle hair removal to Japan and develops the country's first high-frequency depilator.
  • 1980s : YA-MAN develops its first laser depilator for professional use.
  • 1985 : YA-MAN develops a home-care laser depilator.
1981Renamed as YA-MAN LTD.
1985YA-MAN develops Japan’s first body fat scale* with foot sensors
*In a method of bioelectrical impedance analysis.
1986YA-MAN independently develops Japan’s first miniaturized EMS device.
YA-MAN develops a compact body-fat scale with hand sensors.
Mineral-based foundation becomes all the rage.
This product becomes a huge hit, recording cumulative shipments of more than 2 million rollers* for the series.YA-MAN’s brand name becomes widely recognized.
*Cumulative shipments of devices between December 2006 and March 2011 (Source: YA-MAN data)
2007A mineral cosmetic brand ONLY MINERALS is born
YA-MAN is the first company in Japan to sell foundation products 100% made from mineral ingredients. These products become a huge hit.
YA-MAN becomes listed on JASDAQ.
YA-MAN becomes listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2011The company launches ACETINO series of home-care beauty devices, offering high quality salon experiences at home
Its high functionality responds to women’s desire for having salon-quality at home.
YA-MAN becomes listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
YA-MAN’s global expansion begins
YA-MAN makes its first memorable foray overseas, into Hong Kong(SAR of China).
2013The first model in YA-MAN’s home RF (radio frequency) facial beauty device series makes its debut
Platinum White RF model is the first in the RF Facial Beauty Device, a beauty device series which achieves cumulative shipments of more than 3 million rollers. This product series becomes the facial beauty device standard for providing total care for skin issues with its high-performing multiple functions.
RF (radio frequency) facial beauty device
2014YA-MAN launches Rei Beauté series of home optical beauty devices
Rei Beauté series
YA-MAN launches Cavispa series of home cavitation beauty devices
These products enable users to perform cavitation -a popular beauty salon treatment- in the privacy of their own homes. Cavispa realizes provision of evolved beauty care that will make you love your body even more.
Cavispa series
2015YA-MAN launches YA-MAN Professional, a professional beauty devices line for beauty salons
Featuring a high degree of user friendliness, these products realizes miniaturization of beauty devices for professional use.
professional beauty devices
YA-MAN U.S.A. LTD. is established.
YA-MAN expands the business to mainland China.
YA-MAN opens its first directly owned store in Ginza, Tokyo.
YA-MAN expands the business to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia.
MINERALair -A make-up experience for a new age
These products fuse cosmetics and the technology that YA-MAN uses in the evolution of our beauty devices. Here, YA-MAN develops the completely new make-up experience of Showering in Foundation.
2018YA-MAN launches Medi Lift series of wearable EMS facial beauty devices
YA-MAN develops a revolutionary 100% hands-free facial care device. The functionality and impact of the device takes the beauty industry by storm, sparking social media trends and even making headlines in other industries.
Medi Lift
2019mysé home beauty treatment brand is born
ACETINO series is revamped as a new brand that recreates the fine massage technique of an esthetician, enabling users to enjoy the superb care of a beauty salon, whenever and wherever they like.
2020FACE LIFT GYM -a training gym specialized in exercising face muscles- opened
FACE LIFT GYM operates under the concept of ‘You make yourself beautiful’. This gym is a new experiential service created by YA-MAN to help users acquire beauty-creating techniques through training with beauty devices under the guidance of specialized trainers.
HYOJO Science Lab project starts
YA-MAN begins working with various experts to research facial muscles scientifically to enhance beautiful expressions.
2020EFFECTIM Co., Ltd. is established as a joint venture with Shiseido Co., Ltd.
D-FIT Co., Ltd. is dissolved
YA-MAN retains MAKANAI and its professional/commercial brands to expand its lineup of cosmetics.
2021YA-MAN Scholarship Foundation is founded
YA-MAN starts providing continuous educational support to raise the next generation of female engineers.
(February 2023:The foundation is qualified as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Japanese government.)
YA-MAN opens a flagship store of ONLY MINERALS on Tmall in China.
The numbers tell our legacy of innovation
  • Patents : 320*1
  • Intellectual property rights : 777*2
Our motto is continuous innovation, putting all our energy to create new inventions which the World has never seen before. The numbers tell all about our policy.
*1 The cumulative number of patents acquired as the end of April 2023.
*2 The cumulative number of IPRs acquired as the end of April 2023.
Realigned to the Prime Market section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, due to its market restructuring.
Cumulative shipments of RF Beauty Device Series
More than 2 million: September 2019
More than 2.5 million: August 2020
More than 3 million: May 2021
More than 4 million: September 2022
RF Beauty Device Series