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1. Method of use

The user shall use Website according to following terms and the use guide that is separately stipulated by YA-MAN.

2.Personal information

Ya-man shall manage the user’s personal information that was obtained on Website according to Ya-man’s Policy for Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy).


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5.Prohibited matters

When using Website, the user shall not conduct the actions stated below

  1. Actions that infringe or cause damage to the copyrights, trademarks, or other rights of Ya-man or a third party
  2. Actions of using Website for a wrongful purpose
  3. Actions of unauthorized use of the user’s or the other person’s ID and/or password that is used on Website
  4. Actions of unauthorized use of credit card information on Website
  5. Actions of using or providing a harmful program, such as a computer virus in relation to Website
  6. All other actions that hinder operation of Website


  1. YA-MAN strives to provide reliable information, but it does not guarantee the suitability, completeness, accuracy, recency or anything else about the information that is posted on Website. In addition, Ya-man will not bear any liability whatsoever for problems, loss, or damage that arises from using of Website.
  2. Ya-man shall not be liable for any trouble relating to using Website, to the extent that Ya-man manages clerical matters on the basis information registered by user.
  3. In the event that the user caused damage to another user or a third party in relation to use of Website, that user shall resolve the matter at his or her own liability and expense, and shall indemnify and hold Ya-man harmless from and against all losses, expenses and damages arising from such matters.
  4. The user shall bear all expenses related to installation of the computer equipment and communication equipment as necessary for the user to use Website, telephone charges that are required in order to use Website, charges for using LAN, etc., and application charges.
  5. Please take sufficient care for management of the password that was set when member registration was conducted. If the user has conducted member registration, the user shall manage that password at his or her liability. The actions that were conducted by using member’s password will be deemed to be conducted by the member. YA-MAN does not make any guarantees against any damage incurred due to password leaks or unauthorized use.
  6. YA-MAN may change, interrupt, or terminate services on Website without notifying the user in advance. YA-MAN will not bear liability for any damages that arise from changing, interrupting, or terminating of services on Website, irrespective of the reason. In addition, YA-MAN will not bear liability for the content of any other websites to which links are made on Website.
  7. In order to investigate customers’ access histories and states of use and to otherwise provide optimal services to customers, YA-MAN will collect information related to IP addresses when customers access this company’s server and information related to device identification numbers for mobile terminals when access is made from mobile telephone terminals, and will use cookie technology to collect information related to the customers’ access histories.
    Cookies comprise a mechanism by which they are stored as a file on the customer’s computer when the customer visits a website. The customer can select settings related to sending and receiving cookies on the web browser. Please note that if you select refusal of all cookies, you may receive restriction for various services on the Internet, such as becoming unable to receive services that require authentication.
    1. For displaying the most appropriate advertisements on external websites, based on content that customers are interested in and the state of use on the Website.
    2. For improving YA-MAN’s services
      In some cases, YA-MAN may store and refer to YA-MAN’s cookies via a third party, based on consignment to a third party to which YA-MAN’s advertisement delivery will be consigned.

7.Governing laws and jurisdiction

These terms shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Japan. In addition, any dispute related to Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo Summary Courts or Tokyo District Court.